A major component of this project is to create a digital storytelling platform using ArcGIS StoryMap, which will visualise the collected data from archival research, oral histories, and environmental sampling analysis.

This will include digital storytelling that (i) charts the formation of colonial fisheries governance in Lake Malawi and (ii) focuses on the formation and principles of the Mbenje Island fisheries regime.

Visualisation of these distinctive governance regimes will convey the different trajectories, principles, and legacies of these regimes while explicitly representing the impact of colonialism and environmental marine sciences on marine space and governance.

Each feature on the StoryMap will be contextualised using the associated data, including transcriptions of legislation and ordinances, despatches, and court cases that will be fully accessible at the click of a button.

Please click below for a brief overview of fisheries governance in colonial Lake Malawi and Mbenje Island, and make sure to check back to explore more StoryMaps in the future.

Colonial Lake Malawi and Mbenje Island.
Fisheries Governance in Colonial Lake Malawi and Mbenje Island