This page will list and link to the outputs from the project, including published and forthcoming publications.


Lessons from Lake Malawi & Mbenji Island: Fisheries Governance in the Colonial Era

This pamphlet provides a summary overview of the key findings and recommendations drawn from the archival research, oral histories, and environmental sampling components of the project.

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Publications: Forthcoming

The following publications are currently being drafted or are under review:

Using Length-Weight Relationships to Estimate the Status of Copadichromis (Utaka) (Teleostei: Cichlidae) Stocks at Mbenji Island: Lessons from a Traditional Fisheries Management Scheme in Lake Malawi

This article focuses on the environmental sampling research conducted in the waters surronding Mbenji Island, focusing on the use of length-weight relationships to evaluate the status of the economifcally important cichlid fish of the genus Copadichromis (Utaka) at Mbenji Island.

Towards An Optimum Yield: Science, Commerce, and Fisheries Development in Lake Malawi, 1930-1964

This article investigates the history of fisheries management in Lake Malawi during the colonial period, interrogating the role of science in shaping the regulations and development of lakes’ fisheries between 1930 and the end of colonial rule in 1964.

Learning from the History of Colonial and Community-led Fisheries Governance in Lake Malawi

This article summarises the main findings of the project and sets out a series of recommendations that can be drawn from this history to inform fisheries management in Lake Malawi and beyond.

Colonialism, Science, and the Lakes: Perspectives from Lake Malawi

This short comparative piece outlines the histories of colonial fisheries governance and the Mbenji Island fisheries management regime and some of the key issues that these parallel histories raise.